Heat pump sales overview

Heat pumps sold
Sales development
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Key developments

Sales development
Sales development, by source
Units sold by country
Units sold by country and by type
The adoption of the different heat pump technologies varies across the European countries. The chart below shows the characteristics and adoption pattern for each market.
Units sold - by type
Air is the dominant source
Turnover from sales by country - in million Euros
By combining data on average costs (including installation & taxes) per unit with the number of heat pumps sold, we can estimate the resulting turnover. The tax share corresponds to the VAT of each country. It's indicated by the red lines.

Market growth

Market growth by country
Market growth by type
Growth heatmap by country
Growth heatmap by type

Performance and potential

Number of installed heat pumps per 1000 households
Units sold per 1000 households - by country
To see the real performance, we have to correct for the number of households in each country. The Scandinavian markets might exhibit signs of saturation, but their sales – relative to the number of households – are still very strong.
If Norway was everywhere...
In 2018, Norway was among the markets with the highest performance. Almost 3% of all Norwegian households installed a new heat pump. What if all the markets where as progressive as this one? How big is the untapped potential of European heat pump sales?
If Norway was everywhere...
Potential for the stock of heat pumps